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Morganti Finance SA is a Swiss-based heritage and company management firm with a global client base of companies, wealth managers and private investors. In addition to providing robust asset management services, we also offer services related to legal, succession and immovable property.

Our history

Morganti Finance SA was established to assist individuals and businesses with achieving fully customised results that are executed in accordance with individual investment profiles, objectives and risk profiles. Since our establishment 40 years ago, we have been growing and developing alongside our clients and have gained vast experience along with an impeccable reputation.

Our philosophy

Our main goal for more than 40 years is to serve the needs of our clients in the most advanced way possible. We believe in taking a collaborative, team-based approach, where all ideas are discussed and challenged to ensure we reach the most effective capitol allocation decisions possible. The constant application of our robust investment philosophy has remained at the heart of our services, enabling us to successfully navigate international markets and ensure long-term, profitable solutions.

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Our Services

Wealth Management

We combine our in-depth knowledge of the global economy with behavioural analysis of the markets to ensure we are able to successfully interpret market information to construct portfolios and manage risk, all while reducing your costs.

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Real Estate

We take care of your immovable property needs by offering a personalised service from our highly qualified team. Tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients for the purposes of developing their investment projects, Morganti Finance SA’s specialists choose the right approach to ensure the most suitable ownership options and use of fixed property.

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Ensure your legacy lives on with our succession planning and advisory services. Using advanced technology and tailor-made approaches, we work closely with our clients to provide practical, honest solutions based on our extensive knowledge, experience and skills.

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Our highly specialised team of advisors and experts will guide you in creating customised business and commercial solutions. We advise on many areas of law, including corporate law and real estate law, offering practical and comprehensive guidance.

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